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The Astronauts 👩‍🚀 OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER | Launching Soon on Nickelodeon

A group of kids embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they are mistakenly launched into space.

The countdown begins. 5 kids accidentally rocket themselves into space. How will their journey end? Find out when ‘The Astronauts’ launches soon on Nickelodeon.

In Nickelodeon’s new action-adventure series, The Astronauts, the spaceship Odyssey II is set to launch to investigate a mysterious asteroid passing by Earth. When group of kids use their parent’s security clearance to sneak onto the empty ship, the launch sequence is accidentally initiated. Blasting off into space with no proper training, a malfunctioning onboard AI system, and their parents watching from Earth, the kids embark on a journey of survival using only their smarts and friendship as tools.

StealthWorks Taiwan did some rocket launch shots for this project. Glad we had a well cooperation with Canada side, Crafty Apes. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Client: Crafty Apes / Nickelodeon

Production: StealthWorks Taiwan

VFX Supervisor: Jacys Lin

FX TD: Chung Thin

Lighting TD: Kuang Yu Lai

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