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Experience the future with BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS — an Adult Swim and Crunchyroll original animated series inspired by the award-winning and critically lauded Blade Runner movie franchise, coming this fall. This thrilling thirteen episode series is directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Alcon Entertainment and animation studio Sola Digital Arts, with Shinichiro Watanabe serving as a creative producer. Special thanks to our client SOLA DigiArts gave us this great opportunity to work on this thrilled project and we delivered 800+ shots animation in 3 episodes.

Client: SOLA DigiArts

Production: StealthWorks Taiwan

StealthWorks Taiwan delivered 800 shots of animation in 3 different episodes.

Producer:  Jacys Cheng-Yu Lin

Coordinator:  Anderson Han Yang

Animation Supervisor:  Howard Chung-Hao Shih

Lead Animator:  Joanne Huang

Animator:  YI-SYUAN CHEN  Ariel Hu  YunLi Chung  Wanrou Wu  Jay Yu-Chieh Hsiao  Meng-Ying Chung  Cheaujye Ming  Gary Zeng  Cha Hong Yen  Regulus Chang  Lily Tsui  YU-TUNG LU  Mia Miew

Technical Artist:  Kuang-Yu Lai  Dave Chuang

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