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FX simulations provide astonishing real-world detail, but require gigantic amounts of computation.


This creates a dilemma in movie production– the more computation you do, the better the result looks on screen, but the longer it takes. In film production, time is crucial.


Research and Development

We do RnD for pitch test, according the timeline we offer the best result for client. If you are experiencing any difficulty of any kind of FX work, contact us ASAP.


Pipeline Deployment

We design the pipeline/workflow for client and this will benefit both of us since we are sharing technologies. Also it will be efficient for teamwork if we are using same workflow.

Estimate Cost and Breakdown

We offer the cost estimation and quality control service for our client, if you are not sure about what your vendors do, we can help you to QC their work and ensure what we will get is good as expected.

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